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Join our Affiliate program

Earn commission for every customer you refer to Presenters Podium!

People are checking out Presenters Podium, why not help promote a new software solution that is helping students engage with course material, while simultaneously arming them with skills for their future.

As an affiliate you get paid for referring customers to Presenters Podium.

Do you know an instructor who could benefit from Presenters Podium? Let them know and earn a commission!


Individuals referring Instructors

Earn money when you refer customers to Presenters Podium

· Earn 10% up to a maximum of $100 for each new course created by a new Instructor.

· Bonuses for crossing 5, 10, and 15 referrals in a month.

· Regular payment through PayPal or an email money transfer.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Email or call us to open your affiliated account.

Step 2: Refer an instructor and email us the name of the instructor who you referred.

Step 3: Have them sign up with Presenters Podium.

Step 4: They will mention your name when creating their course. If not, we’ll have the name of the instructor on record.

Step 5: Once the course is finished, we will email and notify you of your pending commission check.

* Commission can be accepted through Paypal or an email money transfer.

Students referring Instructors:

If you refer an instructor to Presenters Podium, you will receive:

• Free access (On a per semester basis) to Presenters Podium.

Instructors referring Instructors:

For each successful referral, you will enter your name into a yearly draw for a chance to win grant money for research, for your department, or for your classroom.